Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey
Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey

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Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey

Flavor:Earl Grey Creamed Honey 8 oz
Pickup available at Bentley Mall Annex Usually ready in 2-4 days

Alaskan Fireweed Creamed Honey

Earl Grey Creamed Honey 8 oz

Bentley Mall Annex

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

36 College Rd ste 4w
Fairbanks AK 99701
United States


We offer one of the best spreadable, creamed honey and that's why it is considered one of our popular, bestselling products. Creamed honey is a natural way to preserve raw honey and keep it spreadable.

What Is Fireweed Honey?

Called the “Champagne of Honey," fireweed honey is made from bees that are near acres of fireweed fields. This raw, unpasteurized honey brings a unique, light, and natural taste to any cup of tea. Our Alaskan Fireweed Honey has a very high sugar and low moisture content.

Color of Fireweed Honey:

The color of the fireweed honey you receive will vary depending on the season the honey was harvested, the location of the fireweed plant, and because our honey is unfiltered. Our fireweed honey collected earlier in the season (spring / summer) will usually be darker in color, has a stronger flavor, and is more nutrient-dense. The harvested fireweed honey in the fall is typically light golden in color and milder in flavor.

What Do I Do With Creamed Honey?

Spread it on toast, a bagel, or even top it on an ice cream sundae!

*We do not recommend using a microwave because it will super heat the sugar and turn into a candy instead of staying a creamy consistency.

What's the Difference Between Creamed Honey vs Whipped Honey?

Creamed honey is a manual process that changes the lattice structure of the honey crystals to keep it a smooth, dense, and spreadable consistency for years.   

Whipped honey, on the other hand, injects air into the honey to give it the temporary smooth and creamy texture, but can deflate over time to return to regular granular honey.

Our Flavors:

Earl Grey Creamed Honey: Our most popular flavor!!! If you love Earl Grey, you'll be shocked how delicious this is. If you aren't an Earl Grey fan, you might be surprised how sweet and not over powering the bergamot is. Goes great with vanilla ice cream to make a London Fog Sundae!

Lavender Creamed Honey: Soothing, calming and sweet. Add it to a bagel with creamed cheese, put it in your favorite cup of tea and you instantly have a cup of calm!

Matcha Creamed Honey: Infused with raw matcha into the raw creamed honey. Who wouldn't want matcha toast in the morning to give them a boost for their day?!

Original Creamed Honey: This will taste like fireweed honey, but goes well with everything. Even a cup of tea! This thick spread is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or great with a peanut butter honey sandwich.

How We Package Our Honey:

Honey ordered during the winter will take time to become fluid, especially being stored outside in transit and unheated warehouses. That’s why all of our containers are wide enough for a butterknife. It’s the perfect size for friends and family to scoop out and put in a nice cup of tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jennifer S.
My Favorite!

I absolutely adore stirring the Earl Grey creamed honey into a hot cup of black tea. You may think, "Why not just brew a cup of Earl Grey?" I can't explain it, but this is so much better!

Hallie Febvre
I love these honeys!!

They are liquid gold!

Ryan Hafner
The best!

"1000 out of 10." Was the direct quote from my wife.

Sherri B.
Best honey I’ve ever had

I could literally eat the earl grey honey by the spoonful, but I practice restraint… most days. I have a back stock of this stuff. Best honey I’ve ever tasted.


This honey was absolutely amazing! I will repeat order!!