Matcha Madness Online Class

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Matcha Madness Online Class

Pickup available at Bentley Mall Annex Usually ready in 2-4 days

Matcha Madness Online Class

Bentley Mall Annex

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

36 College Rd ste 4w
Fairbanks AK 99701
United States

You will be learning about how matcha is grown, processed, consumed, a brief overview of the history and culture of the Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony, the health benefits of matcha, how to store and prepare matcha, how to cook and make specialty recipes with matcha.

Order your tea class online and receive all your supplies in the mail so you can have your own interactive hands-on learning experience with me from the comfort of your own home! Your month-long tea course can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and hot water!

Not only will you get all your supplies shipped to you, but this tea program also allows you to learn about matcha at your own pace and you can review the information as often as you'd like. Unlike a boring webinar, you will have interactive support from my team and I and experience matcha tea like never before! The course makes an excellent gift for the teal over in your life!

What comes in the Matcha Madness course?

You will receive a package in the mail with:

  • a complete matcha set (bowl, Chasen, Chashaku), 
  • our 1st place winner from the North American Tea Championships Matcha, 
  • cooking grade matcha and sweet matcha, 
  • thermometer.

You will be emailed your tea course and supplies. You will not need to use social media like Facebook to access any of the course materials.

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