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Muslin Bag

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Muslin Bag

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Introducing our versatile and eco-friendly 100% cotton muslin drawstring bags. They are the go-to solution for anyone seeking a versatile brew bag that suits various purposes. Get your pack of muslin bags today and unlock the endless uses they offer for tea enthusiasts, herb lovers, and culinary explorers alike. With their durable construction, our muslin bags are reliable and built to last. Embrace sustainability and reduce waste with these reusable tea bags that can be easily washed, dried, and used again and again. 

What are muslin bags used for?

These small drawstring bags are designed for a multitude of uses. Our muslin bags can be used for tea, herbs, spices, or even cooking. They serve as convenient muslin tea bags, perfect for creating delicious and aromatic infusions. These reusable tea bags are not only great for brewing your favorite teas but also ideal as herb bags for cooking, allowing you to infuse your culinary creations with rich flavors.

  • 100% cotton muslin drawstring bag
  • 4" x 6 " size
  • Created for filling with tea, spices, and herbal blends for infusions.
  • May be used for brewing. with and then  Can be emptied, washed, dried, and reused.
  • For brewing and infusion, be certain to underfill the herb bag in order to accommodate the expansion of dried teas and herbs when soaked.