Matcha Serenity
Matcha Serenity
Matcha Serenity

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Matcha Serenity

Type:Matcha Serenity (1 oz) ceremonial
Pickup available at Bentley Mall Annex Usually ready in 2-4 days

Matcha Serenity

Matcha Serenity (1 oz) ceremonial

Bentley Mall Annex

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

36 College Rd ste 4w
Fairbanks AK 99701
United States


This Matcha Serenity is a excellent ceremonial matcha for beginners. No bitterness and easy to make. It is our basic grade matcha and is very affordable with excellent flavor.

Derived from the intricate Japanese tea ceremony, matcha is prepared by using a special matcha scoop to put the powder in a bowl and then add about 6 oz of water (170 degrees F). The whisk, which should be soaked and rinsed beforehand to prevent splitting, is used to beat the powder into a froth for about 20 seconds (by making an “M” motion with the wrist).
The bowl is picked up with both hands and enjoyed.


1 oz/30 g

Made in Japan