The Essential Immune Boosting Tea Workshop New

The Essential Immune Boosting Tea Workshop Spend time recharging your body with through tea, be at peace with a healthy mindset, and improve your immune system with amazing teas. This is a great workshop to develop goals and a fresh start to your new year. Whether you are a total newbie to tea or a connoisseur, we have what you're looking for!
December 28th to December 29th Boost Your Immune System and Develop Your Wellness Plan Join us for our a 48-hour Essential Immune Boosting Tea Workshop! This FREE exclusive event will teach you the natural, holistic way to boost your immune system, help you take serious steps to stay healthy, and help develop your self-care and wellness.
For this 2-day workshop, we will be having 3 different LIVE sessions each day.
Morning Session
All LIVE sessions will be hosted in our private Facebook Group and on our YouTube Channel. If you don't have Facebook, you can watch the videos through your email!
FAQ Do I have to pay for the Immune Boosting Workshop? Not this time! This workshop is free for these 48 hours ONLY. After that, it will go back to being a paid course. What if I don't use Facebook? Although we will be doing the live bonus sessions through our private Facebook group, those videos will also be on YouTube as well. I'm super busy throughout the week, what if I can't make the live sessions? We will be keeping the videos uploaded on our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel until Friday, January 1st. Will you be keeping all the videos uploaded? We will be deleting all of the videos on January 1st so be sure to catch all of the replays before then!


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