5 Days of Tea Mini Course
5 Days of Tea Mini Course

5 Days of Tea Mini Course

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Dive Deeper Into Tea and Have Fun!

Starts April 26th to 30th

*Replays available until May 4th*

Optional: 5 Days of Tea Kit - $49 (value $80) (look in your email after you sign up for the exclusive link)

***Only those signed up for the workshop have access to this deeply discounted tea kit!***

5 different essential teas you can re-steep up to 4 times. Great for learning how to taste tea like a professional. They have amazing health benefits. Learn what the difference between a blend vs a premium blend looks like.


  • 5 different teas (makes up to 100 cups)
  • 20 oz Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug with a stainless steel infuser basket.




Do I have to buy the teas?
No, the workshop is completely free. However, the teas in the kit will be specifically covered in the mini-course so you can have the best experience and know exactly what you are tasting when you are learning to up-level your tasting experience. The blends included are helpful in seeing what it means to make a high-quality blend.

What if I don't use Facebook?

Although we will be doing the live bonus sessions through our private Facebook group, those videos will also be on YouTube as well and will be emailed to you.

I'm super busy throughout the week, what if I can't make the live sessions?
We will be keeping the videos uploaded on our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel until Tuesday, May 4th at 8pm EST. You will have 1-week access to all the replays.

What's so special about the kit?
The kit is covering the specific teas of our proprietary blends and we teach you how to create blends right with us with the custom kit we curated. We also will be teaching you specifically how the teas from different regions will have health benefits that other green and black teas won’t. Terroir is extremely important in professionally tasting tea and its benefits.
As for the kit, it’s 40% off with free shipping for those who want to take advantage of joining us and experiencing exactly what we are talking about while we’re teaching. Since there are literally thousands of teas out there, we understand that tea fans have their own collections. You don’t have to buy the kit if you aren’t able to. That’s why we offered a free class this time so that all people have a chance to learn from award-winning tea experts.



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